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The Collie dog is an excellent sport dog and can learn to do the work of the pointer and setter, as well as that of the water spaniel and retriever. He can be trained to perform the functions of other races. He is skilled at hunting, has an excellent nose, is a good vermin slayer, and a staunch watch, keeper, and companion.

Little is known for sure about the collie's origin, but their cunning and outward appearance seem to indicate a relationship with the wild dog. Buffon was of the opinion that he was the true dog of nature, the stock and the model of the whole canine species. He considered the Shepherd Dog superior in instinct and intelligence to all other breeds, and that, with a character in which education has relatively little part, he is the only animal born perfectly trained for human service. .

At shows, this type of dog invariably leads the class. It is considered to be the most manoeuvrable and certainly the most agile. Second to this type in favor is the smooth-haired variety, a very tough and useful dog, well suited for hill work and generally very floating. He's not as sweet-tempered as black and white and is slow to make friends. There is no dog more graceful and physically more beautiful than the Collie show of the present period. Produced from the old type of labor, it is now virtually a separate breed.

The skull should be flat, moderately broad between the ears, and tapering gradually towards the eyes. There should only be a slight depression when stopped. The width of the skull necessarily depends on the combined length of the skull and muzzle; and the whole must be considered in relation to the size of the dog. The cheek should not be full or prominent.

The muzzle should be of good length, tapering towards the nose, and should not show weakness or be snipy or lippy. Regardless of the color of the dog, the nose should be black. The teeth should be of good size, sound and level; very slight irregularities are allowed. Jaws Clean and powerful cut. The eyes are a very important feature and give expression to the dog; they should be of medium size, set somewhat obliquely, almond-shaped and brown in color except in the case of blackbirds, where the eyes are frequently (one or both) blue and white or porcelain; expression full of intelligence, with a look of early alert listening. The ears should be small and moderately wide at the base and placed not too close to each other but on the top of the head and not on the side of the head. When at rest, they should generally be carried thrown back, but when alert, brought forward and carried half-erect, with tips slightly drooping in a listening posture.

The neck should be muscular, powerful and of good length and somewhat arched. The body should be strong, with well sprung ribs, the chest deep, wide enough behind the shoulders, which should be tilted, the loins very powerful. The dog should be straight ahead. The front legs should be straight and muscular, neither in nor out at the elbows, with a good amount of bone; the forearm a little fleshy, the pasterns showing flexibility without weakness. The hind legs should be muscular at the level of the thighs, clean and sinewy under the hocks, with well bent stifles. The feet should be oval in shape, the soles well padded and the toes arched and close together.

In general, he is an agile and active dog, his deep chest showing lung power, the strength of his neck, sloping shoulders and tightly bent hocks indicating speed and his high intelligence expression. It should have a good length on the leg, making it look more racy than a clod-like appearance. In short, a Collie must demonstrate endurance, activity and intelligence, with free and true action. Dogs should be 22 inches tall. at 24 ins. at the shoulders, bitches 20 ins. at 22 ins. The weight of dogs is 45 to 65 pounds, bitches 40 to 55 pounds. The smooth collie differs only from the rough one in their coat, which should be hard, dense and fairly smooth.

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